I'm a husband, father, writer and investor based in Boulder, Colorado. My father ran a livestock auction company in Iowa -- he traded cattle for a living. Not futures, but mooing animals on the hoof. So trading is in my blood. For many years I headed my own investment firm -- a hedge fund where the lion's share of my compensation was a percent of client profits. I ate what I killed. 

After years of spending most of my days and nights thinking about markets, I took a sabbatical from active trading at the beginning of 2016. Once my cortisol levels returned to normal, I realized I enjoyed investment writing and consulting  to the daily volatility of running money.

In recent months I've helped launch hedge funds in the alternative investment sector, while also ghostwriting for several prominent financial authors and blogs. This site is my opportunity to write under my own name. Hopefully I relate something intelligent or thought-provoking that helps you financially or improves your life in some way.