Investment Writing and Consulting Services


I've spent most of my adult years immersed in the financial markets  -- as a private investor, hedge fund manager, trader and writer/consultant. 

Investing and trading are intellectual pursuits to be sure. However, the smartest people are not the most successful investors.  Rather, the most prosperous operators in the financial markets understand themselves -- and fellow human beings -- exceptionally well, and construct disciplined investing strategies accordingly. As John Maynard Keynes pointed out, the markets are controlled by animal spirits. In the end, greed and fear move markets, and we must have the foresight and wisdom to invest accordingly.

Given the primal emotions driving markets, there's aways something fascinating happening in the investing world. But you'd never know that by reading most finance-related writing. Like most people, I typically move on from  business articles after the first couple paragraphs. Dull, stale, generic, lifeless -- lots of copy seems intended just to take up space. What's most often missing in a flat article is a story. People have been communicating via stories since our ancient ancestors first told tales around a campfire a 200,000 years ago. Whether it's sales presentations, training brochures, commercials or novels -- good business writing exhibits the elements of a good story  -- engaging characters, conflict, suspense and resolution. 

As long as its human beings reading your financial copy (not a certainty in today's digital world), a writer needs to connect with the reader on an emotional level. Statistics, prices and facts don't make for interesting reading -- it's the quest for treasure, fortunes gained and lost, dreams coming true and hopes dashed that make for entertaining and effective financial writing.

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